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There are three types of bread that we produce – “High Class Stone Bread” (720gr ± 10gr and 350gr ± 10gr) which is made from white flour, salt, water, yeast, and “Moghoshik Brown bread with wheat brans”. (340gr ± 10gr) which ingredients are I, II, III sorts of flour, wheat bran, salt, water and yeast (without additives). Shelf life: 72 hours, storage temperature – +20°C.

We produce our bread in special brick ovens using natural gas. Our company keeps up the tradition of the production technology of the brick ovens.

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Moghoshik Brown bread with wheat brans.
(340gr ± 10gr.)
High Class Stone Bread
(350gr ± 10gr.)
High Class Stone Bread
(720gr ± 10gr.)